Earlier this week I enjoyed a Retreat with 6 other Senior Leaders. Each of us were asked to share our top ten learnings from life and leadership – what an encouraging and helpful experience! Here is my ever-evolving list:

1. Self-leadership > organizational leadership. It is also more important, more difficult and more work.

2. Get a coach. Discover what you are best at and then hire a coach to help make you better at it.

3. Be what you are. There will always be a thousand things that you could focus upon. UN-apologetically do the one that is most you in the way that is most you.

4. You have to see it before you can be it. Imagination is more important than information. Helping people change begins by painting a new picture of who they can be. Imagination gives birth to new possibilities.

5. There is always more to the story. Refrain from making judgments, closing doors or articulating opinions too soon.

6. Use your voice. The very position of being a leader provides you with a unique voice, a special opportunity to speak into people’s lives, use it wisely.

7. You are your only architect. It’s up to you to structure your life so that the things that matter the most are most real to you. No one else will do this for you.

8. Zoom out.  Regularly step away from your work and view it from above. When you return to your work with that vision go around and help people connect the dots between what they are doing and the big picture. We all want to contribute to a cause that is larger than us.

9. Weak and small change the world. While everyone is admiring the strong and the big, the truly successful people are changing the world and creating a new world through small acts of vulnerability, generosity and kindness.

10.  Effectiveness is not the goal.  Resist the pull to reduce life to what is achieved. Faith, hope and love don’t fit well in the calendar of efficiency and accomplishment.

What would you add?