Life's Remains

Janette Mack Speirs 1943-2016

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Some reflections I was able to share at Janette’s Celebration of Life. —- Today it is not only family and friends that celebrate Janette. Today the God that she believed in celebrates her as well. For indeed, He has celebrated her in a way far deeper, and for far longer than any of us.  Come along, shift your inner eye, and together let’s consider how God viewed Janette. … For one thing, God celebrated Janette before she was born. What the Psalmist understood about himself we understand about Janette. To…read more


Choose Hope (glimpses that keep us going)

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It was a wonder-full moment. Our family of six sat around the kitchen table playing a board game. I can’t recall the context, but part way through the game someone spoke just the right words, at just the right moment, and we burst into laughter. All of us at once just started cracking up and the room seemed to explode with joy! My mind freeze-framed the image – glee on the face of my 10-year-old daughter; head-back laughter bursting from a sullen teenager; delight erupting in a shriek from the…read more


Finding A Place For It (pt II)

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Loss. In your heart there is a pathway leading to each person that you have lost. Everyone who leaves our lives opens a trail of loss that connects us with that person. When we think of them, we miss them and want to be with them and so our heart heads out on to that path, moving from memory to memory until finally arriving at the reality of where that person is now, and the truth that what was – can no longer be. Navigating these loss pathways may be…read more

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